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Pretty little liars cast dating

Major relationships in Season 4 include: Jakria (Official, then Broken Up), Coria (Kissed), Paily (Official, then Broken Up), Haleb (Broken Up), Spoby (On/Off), Raria (One-Night Stand), Habriel Tranna (Official), Ezria (Official, then Broken Up), and Mina (Official, then Broken Up).

I love all of you #pll fans tremendously and I know @janelparrish and I will make you proud.

I mean, what is the meaning of life now that you're not chasing the identity of Uber A?!

Luckily, you didn't have to go long without your fave show since it was announced in September that another Sara Sheperd book series would be adapted for the screen.

This group mainly consists of the four main "love interests": Toby, Caleb, Paige and Ezra.

The major relationships in Season 1 are: Ezria (On/Off), Emaya (On/Off), Seanna (Broken Up), Lanna (One-Sided Crush), Tobily (One-Sided Crush), Ariel (Briefly), Haleb (On/Off), Paily (Briefly), Wrencer (Briefly), Spalex (Official, then Broken Up), and Emison (Flashback; Kissed).


  1. If you get together with other liars, Girl Games. Pretty Little Liars Makeover Reviews. Pretty Nails Girl Game

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