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Problems with dating widowers

If affirmative she can expect a severe fine (50 CUC) and up to 3 years in jail, or she can be sent to a re-education school and be obligated to learn a trade such as hairdressing.Since 1999 the police controls have been extended, and the police has received authority to check cars and “casas particulares” (accommodations in private homes) in search for a jineteras.All above-mentioned certificates must be certified and stamped by the Consular services of the Cuban embassy in your home country.For the Cuban citizen Identity card (carné de identidad)In case of divorce: certificate of the divorce (certificacion de sentencia de divorcio)In case of widow/widowers, certificates of the previous marriage and copy of the death certificate will be required (certificacion de matrimonio y defuncion del conjuge).

Before the revolution Havana was the playground of the Rich and Famous, the Mafia was everywhere and corruption, gambling, crime, and prostitution were part of the daily life.

Any jinetera walking hand in hand with a tourist can expect an identity check.

The police will ask her for her “carné de identidad,” a small plastic identity card, and check if she has a record of prostitution.

Additional documents Depending of the regulations of the country of the inviting person additional documents may be needed such as: A medical examination certificate A document stating that the inviting person earns sufficient income to support the invited Cuban.

In order to receive permission to leave the country, the Cuban citizen has to go to the Cuban Migration Services to apply for a travel permit (vigencia de viaje) and a Passport.


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