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Studies show that large women are induced at higher rates than average-sized women, and often are not given the same chances at Vaginal Birth After Cesarean that average-sized women may get, resulting in more repeat c-sections.All of this increases the c/s rate, but is mostly due to patterns of provider bias rather than problems inherent to being heavy.This is a collection of BBW (Big Beautiful Women) Birth Stories collected by Kmom over the years.

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Although larger women currently DO have higher c/s rates, it is NOT a given that a large women must have a c/s.

Is it the fat causing the high c/s rates, the patterns of provider treatment and expectations, or both?

In addition, there are often subtle psychological battles for large women to combat as well.

In addition, although it's not true for all fat women by any means, some fat women are out-of-shape and don't eat properly or exercise, which also tends to increase the rate of complications in pregnancy.

Unfortunately, medical studies rarely differentiate between large women who take excellent care of themselves and those who do not, making the risks seem to apply equally based on size alone.


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