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Hearthstone is updating at the moment and the progress bar is doing the same graphical freeze bug - but the download is still going even though it's not updating in real time.

I recently switched to SDD from HDD and reinstalled whole blizzard app.

You don't at any point dictate what speed the program progresses i from 0 to 100.

If you want to slow the progression and control it, I'd place a timer on the form and play around with the interval value until you get the speed just right.

I have an equal problem, out of the blue my progress bar stopped getting updates, even though the value is changed it keeps getting the initial, not updated value.

I thought i solved it changed all my int's to floats then i realized the text widget in umg only updates when receiving value from int not floats(not a integer converted from a float)...... At certain stages my whole menu system does not want to respond nor update. Hello Azarus, We have not heard back from you in a few days, so we are marking this post as Resolved for tracking purposes. The health has to be a float and max health has to be 1.

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I have read up on Percent in a Progress Bar Tutorial and I am still not getting an updated progress bar.

Here is the code for the test project Not directly related to your problem, but: Agh! Who is disposing the return value of Create Graphics()?


  1. I have a simple health bar setup that references a pawn's "curHP" variable. The "curHP" is set to the "maxHP" in construction on the pawn.

  2. Quote. There is no need to refresh the progress bar, because changing the value does this for you. Yet, somehow your line 18 calls Refresh.

  3. Forum thread about ProgressBar does not update untill after work is done! in UI for WinForms. Join the conversation now.

  4. Jan 10, 2010. Drawing on a Form does not always happen when you want it. From the toolbox, add a Label, ProgressBar and Button control on the Form.

  5. The ProgressBar will show a maximum of 100, I do guess you can't see the smaller values since they are raised a fast as possible by your.

  6. No clue whats causing it. I'm on win 7 64 bit. It's still bugged. Hearthstone is updating at the moment and the progress bar is doing the same.

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