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The source added that for the past two months, Stephen had been busy working on his upcoming blockbuster film, , starring Andy Lau and Shu Qi.

Not only had he neglected Shu Qi due to his hectic schedule, he also took his work stress out on her.

We can't just focus on looks alone." He was also asked about the strong points of several female celebrities named by the host.

He said singer Faye Wong epitomises integrity, while he would safely share a secret with actress Maggie Cheung.

But, if it’s something that repeatedly makes you unhappy, then you should spilt up.” These posts sparked concerns among netizens that her marriage had hit a bump in the road.

Thereafter, Shu Qi clarified that her previous post was inspired by a book and had nothing to do with her own life. Are netizens, like what the actress said, making much ado about nothing? After all, those weren’t the only instances of the actress venting on her social media.

However, it seems that Shu Qi will have to wait for now as Stephen, whose career has taken a sudden turn for the better of late, has been working overseas a lot.I still believe in fate, and I will cherish it when it comes," said Lai, who had admitted in 2012 that he had been selfish in the marriage.The still-dashing debonair star, also revealed that he first fell in love at 18 or 19 with a classmate.Regarded as one of the four Heavenly Kings in Hong Kong pop culture, Lai fessed up on Dragon TV's The Jinxing Show last week that he was heartbroken after ending a seven-year relationship with actress Shu Qi in 2004.When the host asked him if their split was due to pressure from society, Lai, who is 50 today, said he could not talk about the reason and suggested that it was pointless to do so since Shu Qi, 40, had already married.They were close friends for 20 years and dated for four years before tying the knot last September in a flash marriage. However, according to the source, Shu Qi now feels that she and Stephen are better off as friends than lovers, and decided to get a divorce. She was first linked to Fung when they acted together in Bishonen in 1997 but went on to have a serious relationship with Lai after both co-starred in City Of Glass in 1998.Lai, who divorced model Gaile Lok in 2012 after four years of marriage, said he still believes in love, adding that he would give his best shot in a new romance, despite his romantic failures.As for the woman he admires most, it is none other than Shu Qi.Barely a year into their marriage, actress Shu Qi, 41, and actor-director Stephen Fung, 42, have reportedly called it splits, according to a Hongkong tabloid.


  1. Sep 8, 2016. Stephen Fung had always been Shu Qi's silent protector. Though they claimed to have dated for only four years before announcing their.

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