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Quicken mobile error updating account

If you want additional transaction history, you can download up to 180 days within Online Banking.

To download additional transactions simply login to Online Banking, select the desired account, and choose “Quicken” from the drop-down menu in the Download Transactions section on the Account Detail page.

Please be aware that between the hours of p.m., tonight, Friday, March 23, and Saturday, March 24 at a.m.

(Central Time) Online and Mobile Banking will be unavailable due to routine maintenance.

But far worse than the bugs is the third-party Quicken Bill Pay partner (Metavante Payment Services).

Not only is the service and user interface horrible, but they are blatant thieves.

I signed up for Quicken Premier 2018 because of the "FREE" Bill Pay feature.

At the first month, they charged me 9.95, which I assumed was an error, but it turns out that I never finished the 4th step of the setup, which activates the service, so they charged me the full pay.

It seems like this would be a great opportunity for a class action lawsuit.I never had those types of problems using my online banking, so I went back to their bill pay service.I canceled my Quicken Bill Pay, and thought that was the end. The thought of them doing this to their thousands of customers and profiting from it irked me to no end, so I decided to follow up again. I called again and they told me they would open another request for a refund.An error message beginning with “CC-” means One Step Update is not functioning correctly.One Step Update will automatically offer pop-up instructions to walk you through next steps to allow you to continue with your download.Quicken for Mac isn’t supported using Online Banking.One Step Update will automatically download 90 days of transaction data when you initially set it up.I decided to give them a try, but after a month I couldn't use the service anymore.It was just awful, and I almost missed a bill because I didn't get the notification.I'm volunteering to be a plaintiff if anyone wants to take the case just because they annoy me so much.And I hate to think of all the people they are stealing from because they aren't savvy enough to know they can usually pay their bills online for free through their bank.


  1. Choose "Quicken Help" from the main menu, then "Update Software."Accept any new transactions into your Quicken account register. Reconcile each Compass bank account. Back up your current data. In the event that an error.

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