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Radioactive dating game phet answers turkish men dating asian women

If these are detected then the power supply to that area is cut off.

The national grid is a network of interacting parts.

Try all the tabs to figure out why there is more than one element used to estimate how old things might be. What elements' isotopes are used to estimate how old something is? (Be specific, it is not just to get repeated results) Probe Type O Carbon-14 3.

It starts at the power stations where the electricity is generated.

The review of this responses allows me to gauge not only how the lesson went, but also how the simulation engage/did not engage the students. Overall we had another successful day of stations with smooth transitions! Exercise: Radioactive Dating Game activity Goals: Students will be able to Identify isotopes that are commonly used to determine how old matter might be. Pretend you are a scientist and have a tool like the one on Dating Game talb a. If you can't get a reading on one object like the fish fossil you try? If you were a forensic scientist and found a dead buried body, could you use one of the isotope:s in the simulation to figure out how long ago the person died? What type of reaction do Carbon -14 and Uranium- 238 undergo?The following diagram illustrates a coal-powered power station connected to the national electricity grid.Very high currents are generated at the power stations. If the power stations transferred electricity at high currents, what do you think would happen in the transmission lines?If one part of the system is damaged, it will affect the entire network.Electricity in South Africa is mainly produced using coal-fired power stations.Remember what we learned about the effects of resistance.Transferring electricity at very high currents through wires that have resistance would cause the wires to become hot and so a lot of energy would be wasted in the form of heat to the surroundings.There are alternative sources of energy besides coal, to drive turbines, such as wind, hydropower, sun-heated steam, nuclear power and tidal energy.Koeberg is the only nuclear power station in South Africa.


  1. Radioactive Dating. Resource Site Materials 1 green. Part 2 The Object Dating Game. 1. Part III Synthesis – ANSWER the questions in COMPLETE SENTENCES. 1. Why is.

  2. Intro to Half-Life PhET Lab Radioactive Dating Game. Introduction Dead things decay into simpler molecules. Radioactive particles decay. Is it the same kind.

  3. Answer to Exercise Radioactive Dating Game activity Goals Students will be able to Identify. https//phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/radioactive-dating-game.

  4. Purpose You will use the radioactive decay rate and original-daughter. Load PhET Radioactive Dating Game; Click on tab for Decay Rates; Select Carbon-14.

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