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Rani mukherjee dating 2016

The couple sent out adorable gifts to their friends from the film fraternity which consists of a small white colored crib with a pink teddy bear and two small jars of cookies, some pink and white streamers.A card is also placed in the front which has Adira Chopra’s name mentioned on it.

The couple, who welcomed their baby girl Adira on December 9 last year, made the announcement of her birth three months after her birth.

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So even though Abhi and Rani appeared to be very comfortable with each other, I couldn’t say either way that they were or weren’t together. Sure, I have a few other candid photos that could easily be used as tabloid fodder.

But, after meeting them and the other stars, I felt obligated not to share those on the blog.


  1. Nov 20, 2012. From commercial success in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai to critical acclaim in Black, Rani Mukerji's 15-year career has seen the actor appear in a.

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  3. Rani Mukerji and her husband Aditya Chopra sent out adorable gifts to their friends from. By Express Web Desk New Delhi Updated April 5, 2016 pm. have always been a private couple ever since they started dating each other.

  4. Rani Mukerji, Actress Black. Mukerji comes from a film-oriented family of Bengali origin. Her father, Ram Mukherjee, is a retired director and one of the founders.

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