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Rapid growth of online dating services Sexy girl on webcam

Though 18- to 29-year-olds make up the biggest chunk of users, with 30- to 49-year-olds next in line, demand is expected to increase with the north-of-50 crowd, too.More than one-third of Baby Boomers are unmarried, and as more and more migrate to the digital world, the industry is beginning to target this unattached and largely underserved market.

It was a huge change from the year before." It's also heading to even bigger money.

The niches range from ethnic, religious or age-based to sites for occupations (Farmers Only.com) or eating preferences (Veggie Date.org). "As an engineer, you don't meet a whole lot of girls on a daily basis," says Pew, a graduate student in mechanical engineering at the University of Washington in Seattle. Levine was moving there as well and started looking online for Austin daters.

For gay men, there's and a site launched in December called Stagg. She had tried JDate after college graduation and "ended up going on horrible dates." "One guy was talking about the mating of bees for three hours straight," says Levine, now also of Seattle. I was talking to two guys on JDate at the time and planning on meeting both.

This Valentine's Day, fewer singles searching for love are tethered to laptops or those other technological relics: desktops.

Just as other industries have watched online traffic and business migrate from the Web to mobile devices, the dating industry has been rolling out apps that are connecting hearts, and breaking them, in surprising new ways and splintering an audience once captured almost exclusively by the goliaths of online dating.


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