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Readers digest funny anecdotes about dating

However, humor material in other major publications, like Time, Newsweek, and the New York Times, is so thoroughly covered by Digest staff personnel that it's rare freelancers can get credit.Over 800 newspaper columnists regularly send their columns to Reader's Digest in the hope of editorial selection.People in incongruous situations make the funniest stories because the reader identifies with the "It could have happened" possibility.A filler, unlike a regular article, is paid for only on publication.Reader's Digest gets thousands of submissions each month, so they won't return material even if you include a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE).

The term "filler" originated when type was set by hand or linotype.

Anecdotes about yourself are acceptable, but anecdotes about fa mous people are particularly desired because names make news (or the other way around).

Many general publications have taboos against bathroom humor, vulgarity, and stories that ridicule the handicapped.

It refers to the one or two line tidbits printers used to quickly fill space at the end of a column or a page.

Even though today's computerized typesetting has eliminated that need, fillers still appear in magazines—humorous ones, as leavening. "A good filler," wrote Betty Johnston, a former Digest editor, "is one that the reader will want to quote or read aloud to a colleague." Because most magazines have four and five month editorial deadlines in advance of publication, fillers need a certain timeliness (or, better, timelessness) and relevance—a quote or anecdote from the past must have some special application for today. Regina Hersey of Reader's Digest told The Comedy Roundtable that in the magazine's monthly reader's poll, humor sections are consistently ranked first, and humor articles are a consistently favorite format.


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