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Resource designer cs not updating

After experimenting with these elements, you may notice that after adding back the elements and rebuilding the project, the Resource.file would update, but then you might still have to close and re-open the solution to get code completion to recognize the new types contained in Resource.

I've seen numerous threads on the subject but none of the solutions work for me (clean/rename/delete/recreate/etc).

It seems if you have a broken source path, Resource. Finally after removing the reference images, the issue was resolved and the Resource. you must highlight all the code of the resource (in the axml file) that has the id, cut, save all, then paste it and rebuilt...

I had a similar problem where there was an error in a resource file which prevented the resource.file from updating.

In my case the issue was that I had added a few images which had illegal characters in their file names.

However what is important is how to discover your specific issue because the errors from the Android Asset and Packaging Tool do not show up in the Error List tab in Visual Studio.

Each framework element (which means any descendant of Framework Element or Framework Content Element) has a Resources collection. The Resource Dictionary type truly represents a CLR Dictionary in which each value (or resource) has a unique key.

The fact that every framework element has its own Resources collection allows resources to be defined at any level in the element tree.

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Just following the Android "Hello, World" tutorial, where it first introduces the Resource class in the "Creating String Resources" section: /Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/External/xbuild/Xamarin/Android/Xamarin. (Hello_World_Android) Looking at the Resource.file, it has not been regenerated, it still has the default resources in there from the initial project creation.

And finally, resources can be defined at the theme level.

In addition to the built-in Windows themes, control libraries might define their own theme-level resources.

In Xamarin Android - How to regenerate the Resource.I tried to mark all the XML file's Build Action as "Android Resource" and still the Resource.won't get updated with new values. I grabbed these entries from a fresh new project I created in Xamarin Studio that was working, which is possibly the easiest way to do this. So after attempting to rebuild once, the file will be present in the file system, but not in the project. After that, just by building the project again the Resource. So if that happens after you merged something from your repository, double check your android resources (colors, strings, etc), for any malformed XML code.

If you open the csproj of the Android project with a text editor and add these entries it seems to work. However, since it seems like that didn't solve your problem it looks like Xamarin didn't recognize any of the changes you made. I ended up solving it by renaming the generated "Layout" folder to "layout" ( I did the same for drawable and values). method1: Delete the file from the project and also delete bin and obj files and then build the project it should work 100% as i use to do that if i face the same problem if that doesn't work always there is another option method2: close the application i.e, visual studio, map to c- It happened to me a few times, and every time the problem was not coming from the generation of the file itself, but from a malformed android resource.


  1. If I change the files in Zeta Editor, this Resources.ins't updated and the changes are not available Re How I can update Resources.with the latest changes in Resources.resx?

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