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Risks of online dating essay

Online dating services currently attract millions of users every day, and the industry as a whole is making hundreds of millions of dollars each year.Online dating provides an efficient way for people to meet prospective partners and to get to know them through e-mails and chats.Nonetheless, the Internet, which enables people to instantly communicate with others around the world, has changed how people go about meeting potential mates and forming relationships.It is impossible to say when the first couple fell in love by communicating with one another over their computers’ modem connections.

However, keeping love may find new challenges and obstacles that lie within the realm of online dating.However, it is possible to pinpoint when the first online dating service was launched.Match.com, which began in April 1995, “is considered a pioneer in bringing online dating into the mainstream” (“History of Online Dating” n. Soon, other dating sites opened, and the phenomenon of online dating started growing in popularity.In 2002, an article in the Hollywood Reporter noted that dating sites had... Available: “A Practical Guide to Online Dating.” Kiplinger’s Retirement Report 12(7), July 2005, 13 Varian, Hal R. Thin and Rich Works Here, Too.” New York Times, June 30, 2005, C2. Personals Announces Results of Its Third Annual Singles’ Voice Survey.” Yahoo!Email is an easier way to meet people because there is less stress placed on an encounter.Communication is the most important aspect in any relationship.Cyber communication is just an innovative form of beginning a relationship. It arose during the late 1990s, at the same time that the Internet itself was becoming increasingly popular.Despite being a relatively young industry, online dating has already become one of the most profitable types of business to be found on the Internet.In response to the question “If you met the love of your life online, would you admit to your family and friends how you met this person? “Online Dating.” M/Cyclopedia of New Media, 2004 “Online Dating Soars in Popularity and is Increasingly Mainstream.” Business Wire, February 4, 2002.,” 92 percent said yes and only 8 percent said no (“Online Dating Usage” n. Thus, the stigma that was originally attached to the idea of online dating has by now pretty much disappeared. “Online Dating Survey.” Marketing Week, August 4, 2005, 17 “Online Dating Usage.” Research, 2002-2003.


  1. Online dating also allows for people to get to know others without leaving the comfort of their own home. Not only is online dating conventional, it’s cheap and even sometimes free. The amount of people available for one to meet is endless. You can browse a profile and in a matter of minutes chat with that potential suitor. However, there are down

  2. The Dangers of Online Dating Essay The Dangers of Online Dating The internet has progressed and continues to progress as time passes. The internet is a place where people can meet and communicate with each other. Whether they are in two completely different locations or the same location, the internet has helped us

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