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Rules for texting and online friendshipdating

Once you and your guy have broken the proverbial ice and begun texting each other (or, to put it more clearly, once he’s sent you that initial text), wait a few minutes before texting him back.I know, it seems silly, but you don’t want him to think you’ve been waiting by the phone this whole time just in case you hear from him.

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Even if you are chatty (like me), you’re still going to want to leave a little bit of conversation for the nights when you two go out.

If it hasn’t gotten to the point where you can maneuver a date into the conversation, then wait until you two have been texting for at least a few days and then ask him out.

Allow ample time for communication, but don’t display all your mysteries at once.

Don’t sext on the first date (or before the first date), don’t give him nude photos, and be the first to have to go (most guys are scared to end texts first because they feel like they’re being rude to you).


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