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Sample business plan dating service

You will not accumulate seniority nor be eligible for benefits.Upon satisfactory completion of the Orientation and Training Period, you are: New employees will receive one written evaluation of their job performance during the first 90 days of employment.An Orientation and Training Program is conducted for all new employees.We’ll introduce you to our office policies and help you adjust to our practice.This policy prohibits harassment in any form, including verbal, physical and sexual harassment.

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The orientation period may be extended for another 90 days at the discretion of the doctor.

The office manager and the doctor conduct the review.

This gives both of us a chance to determine where improvement or assistance and training is needed.

We may opt to bond certain employees with specific or sensitive responsibilities within the office.

The “terms of at-will employment agreement” is not to be considered as creating a contractual relationship between the employee and the employer.


  1. Appendix A. Sample Business Plan. 1.0 Executive Summary. Good customer service is a cornerstone of our philosophy. We want every person who

  2. How to Write a Business Plan. to use your products or services. as well as the template and sample on how to write a business plan.

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