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Sccm compliance report not updating

Verbose logging shows additional information about the interaction with the client user interface.

From above log snippet ,you see that,the total actionable updates = 0 means ,client do not require any additional updates that you targeted to this PC. Refresh Server Compliance State() New-Event Log -Log Name Application -Source Sync State Script -Error Action Silently Continue Write-Event Log -Log Name Application -Source Sync State Script -Event Id 555 -Entry Type Information -Message "Sync State ran successfully"also tell you that,what assignments (Update deployments) made with count of updates in each deployment.

In this process, Client will create local GPO with WSUS Settings by leaving automatic updates .

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Windows Update agent(WUA): is responsible for scheduling and initializing scan, detection, download, and install of updates on the client machine.Alternatively, it may mean that the software update was installed but the state message has not yet been sent to to the site server.when the software update scan cycle initiated, Windows update agent (windows update service) will contact WSUS (SUP) for scanning and if is successful,a state message will be sent to site server confirming that,software update scan is completed successfully which can be seen from this log.Now, some of you are nodding your heads with a smile and others are probably banging their head in frustration while reminiscing on all of the hours they’ve spent on reporting.I know I’ve spent hours creating unique reports for my organization and trying to make them look pretty and easy to consume. I’ll be honest when Power BI came out I didn’t think anything of it. Operating_System_Name_and0 like '%server%' This query is set to look for the following criteria, and this information can be changed.Updates will also tell you ,if enough maintenance window (Service Window Manager.log) time available to install the updates.Read the following blogs to know the maintenance window calculation for software update installation.Neither of these is desirable in a Config Mgr managed environment and thus the recommendation for disabling automatic updates.As for the rest of the Windows Update GPO settings, they are meaningless in the context of Config Mgr so it doesn't really matter what you set those to if you disable automatic updates,more from If you choose to create a GPO for WUA, you must configure the Windows Update Server option to point to the active software update point server in the site or location.I normally use the configuration manager support center to troubleshoot the client issues to check if the policy for the deployed software update group received correctly or not based on the Policy IVersion.1.Stop the windows update service,rename or delete the Software Distribution folder (%windir%\software Distribution) and start windows update service.


  1. Troubleshooting issues where clients are not. a client may not be able to report to even if the SMS\SCCM agent is. Compliance Policy.

  2. Depending on the environment not all servers may. Software Update Group Compliance Report for a Computer Collection in. Never miss a story from SCCM.

  3. Recently, I worked with a customer who reported that his clients were not reporting accurate data in their ConfigMgr compliance reports. Though.

  4. SCCM compliance report showing updates not included in the Software. Popular Topics in Software Deployment & Patching. Updating application in Sccm;

  5. It appears that my SCCM Reports have the correct compliance information. however where it should report "Not Required" it appears as.

  6. Compliance Reporting Incorrectly - Updates Not. correlates to my Compliance Reports. Not a bad. Reporting Incorrectly - Updates Not Showing.

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