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Schlitz bottle dating

Finally, by about 1920, the crown cap was adapted by nearly all American glass bottle manufacturers and the Lightning and Hutter porcelain stoppers were forever discontinued in the USA.Now that you know the origin of these porcelain stoppers, what should you know about collecting them?It was very expensive for most pre-prohibition breweries to add their own bottling line to their plant.Not only were the bottles expensive, but the manpower and space needed for a bottling plant was prohibitive in these early years for many companies.Painter had to work hard to convince the bottle manufacturers to accept the Crown Cap design.The bottles in use at the time were all semi-hand-made “blob top” bottles that used the Lightning, Hutter, or another patented bottle stopper.Many early breweries chose to solve this problem by outsourcing their bottling processes to a local bottling company.

This worked fairly well for most bottlers, but corks would sometimes dry out or leak, and were not easy to reseal.

Patent Date: January 5, 1875 This stopper revolutionized beer bottling and was an almost instant success for Karl Hutter who acquired the patent rights and popularized this efficient bottle stopper in 1877.

There were many imitators of this patent over the years, but they all worked on the same principle of sealing the mouth of a bottle with a swing-away, multiple-use, rubber gasket.

As the cork stopper lost favor among brewers and bottlers, many inventors worked feverishly to patent the perfect bottle sealing device.

Dozens of bottle stopper patents were issued to eager inventors who were hoping to cash in on the latest mechanical marvel.


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