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Having been convicted of theft, Mr Chauke spent several years in prison sharing prison cells with sex starved men.“Although I was personally never violated, sodomy was a common phenomenon that most of us knew was taking place in the prison,” said Mr Chauke.In other countries, married inmates are allowed conjugal visits subject to a variety of considerations such as good behaviour.I also have sex with you because there is no other option; we’re stuck in here,” said Ms. She said prison sex is both forced and voluntary.“Female inmates are also raped by guards and other officials who may not bother using contraceptives.So if female prisoners had female condoms, they would be protected from STIs and unwanted pregnancies,” said Ms. The social worker said female prisoners may also be compelled to swop sex for food or sanitary products.“When you have no money, sex becomes a currency,” said Ms Moyo.It therefore raises eyebrows when suggestions are made to provide prophylactics to prisoners.

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"Girls should not wear provocative clothes." "Tight clothes and jeans cause rape." "Good Indian girls cover up." "She was a bit of a loose character anyway." "Cellphones in the hands of women is what is causing trouble." If you live in India, chances are you have heard the above lines.You’ve no sexual rights when you are in prison,” said Dr Ruth Nyampinga who runs a local non-governmental organisation which advocates for the rights of prisoners.“Giving inmates condoms will promote sexual violence because they know they’ve a condom and they’ll want to use it.‘‘If we say giving inmates condoms is necessary, we’re admitting that sodomy and other sexual activities are happening.‘‘Although we’re trying to protect victims by giving them condoms, we’re also promoting sodomy by empowering the perpetrator with a condom,” said Dr Nyampinga.Turning to HIV prevalence in prisons, Dr Nyampinga said educating inmates about HIV and encouraging voluntary counselling and testing would go a long way in curbing the spread of the virus.“Information about HIV should be shared in our prisons and HIV testing should be voluntary.But with male inmates, it’s a different ball game all together.Scientists argue that women can go for longer periods without sex compared to men.In Brazil, male prisoners are eligible to be granted conjugal visits, while women’s conjugal visits are tightly regulated, if granted at all.In Canada, all inmates, with the exception of those on disciplinary restrictions or at risk for family violence, are permitted “private family visits” of up to 72 hours’ duration once every two months.“When you commit a crime, certain rights are taken away from you.This was one of the more contentious provisions of the supreme law at its drafting as stakeholders demanded a section clearly outlawing homosexuality as it seeks to upset the natural order of things.“People are different and adjust differently to prison life.I was married for close to five years when I was incarcerated.According to experts, incarcerated males struggle with their libido and in many instances settle for the next best thing – another man.The Constitution of Zimbabwe however specifically outlaws same sex relationships, a welcome departure from the old one that was vague on the abomination.


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