Sex chat in bangalore

I had then closed my eyes enjoying the sensations flowing into my groin from her fingers.

She started stroking it and started caressing my balls also.

By then the conductor had also come in and then I bought ticket for her also to Bangalore.

She resisted a bit,but I told she can repay it back when an opportinity comes.

I think she got my message rightaway from her naughty smile.

The rains had begun by then, the window curtain had to be pulled down and soon the lights were off and it was pretty dark inside.

Since it was 6 o clock it was getting dark as it was monsoon time and just about to rain.

She took it out and was surprised to see the hardness.

I told it has become hard when I saw her entering the bus itself to which she gave a naughty smile and she told "poda kalla" .

Then I looked around and guided it underneath my shirt.

I then unzipped my pants and pushed her hands inside.


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