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Wind, meanwhile, saw a drop in installation activity due to the transition from a feed-in-tariff (Fi T) scheme to auction mechanism, with less than 2 GW of new wind parks coming online, a year-on-year...Celebrities like former Tonight Show host Jay Leno and actor Ed Begley Jr. Rowan was making national headlines with his invention. Cleveland has been a city of innovation, right from the very beginning.While he is mostly known in the English-speaking world for his patent on vertical-axis wind turbines (VAWTs),...The Chaska, Minnesota promoter of a ducted wind turbine appears to have fallen on hard times.A big reason Dow chose wind energy in gas-rich Texas, is that wind power has a completely predictable fuel cost (zero), which budget planners like.They don't have to guess what their costs will be a...The fabric covering of the intake duct for their demonstration turbine is torn and in disrepair and the...While thumbing through German renewables magazine, Sonne Wind&Wärme, a table jumped out at me.

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Located on the arid and windswept plains of northeastern Iran, 30 miles from the Afghan border, the small village of Nashtifan is keeping ancient traditions alive amid the winds of change. Even though the blades appear curved, each is made of 11 sections with hinged connections.Gaia-Wind, which celebrated the roll-out of its 1000th device from Glasgow last April, has appointed a provisional liquidator.The company moved its operations to Scotland from Denmark seven years...This is an archive of articles and news on both large and small wind turbines, wind energy & the environment, and links to topics on the history of wind energy.I've been working with wind energy since 1976 and my professional experience in the subject runs the gamut from wind resource assessment to installing and testing small wind turbines.Consequently, I am cursed to be listed by Google and Indian call centers as the person to call if a...The title, Störfall mit Charme, is a playful thumbing of the nose in German at the critics of a movement by citizens in a small village in the deepest reaches of Germany’s Schwarzwald or Black Forest...But after 16 years — and 0 million of his own money — that dream is, well, gone with the wind. Gordon has pulled the plug, stymied by endless litigation and a series of financial and political...The Interior Department has quietly rolled back an Obama-era policy aimed at protecting migratory birds, stating in a solicitor’s opinion that it will no longer prosecute oil and gas, wind, and solar...I continue to follow the industry and analyze its growth and increasing contribution to renewable electricity generation worldwide.Tubs of Strawberry Breeze-cake, Cherry Gale-cia and other wind-themed ice-creams will feature in a campaign by Ben & Jerry’s to persuade the government to rethink its opposition to onshore windfarms.


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