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On the other hand the term "musliman" (with small m) had the meaning of Muslim exclusively in the religious sense.The way out was to choose an old geographical name Bosniak, which traditionally denoted any citizen of Bosnia - either Croat (as we said, many of them have Bosniak as a surname), or Muslim, or Serb.The interpreter was then dismissed and they proceeded in the Croatian language during the entire process of negotiations. Except for literature Arabica was also used in religious schools and administration.Igitur quum inter loquendum Verancius loqueretur ad interpretem, quod passae responderi debebat, conversus passa ad Zay: Tu, inquit, scisne Croatice? Of course, it was in much lesser use than other scripts. Many of the Muslim Slavs in Bosnia-Herzegovina had a strong awareness of their Croatian descent, and even called themselves Muslim Croats, to distinguish from the Catholic Croats.The society unites outstanding Muslim intellectuals in Croatia.``Behar'' was founded in 1900 - its first editor in chief had been Safvet-beg Basagic.It was forbidden during the 70 years' ex-Yugoslav period. Pigaffetta wrote that almost everybody on the Turkish court in Constantinople knows the Croatian language, and especially soldiers. 1515-1578), was a Croatian Ottoman admiral and an Ottoman Vizier.

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This aggression found Muslim officials totally unprepared.Moreover, when Vukovar and the whole of Croatia were bleeding, being systematically destroyed in the second half of 1991, president Izetbegovic declared "This is not our war'', believing naively that the Yugoslav Army and armed extremists would not dare to do the same in Bosnia - Hercegovina.Of course, the national individualization was strengthened also during the tragic conflict with the Croats in 1993, which was one of the well prepared results of the Serbian aggression. Then follows an interesting passage describing virtues of the Croats in Bosnia.He died in the town of Rab, where on his grave the year of his death, 1525, was chiselled in Croatian Glagolitic characters.Let us start by describing many traces left by the Turkish Ottoman Empire.Some of the most outstanding Croatian writers and intellectuals of the Muslim faith in Bosnia and Herzegovina are: etc.Anybody wishing to study the history of Islamic culture in Bosnia-Herzegovina seriously should consult numerous works of Hamdija Kresevljakovic (1888-1959), an outstanding Muslim Croat, member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb, author of an important monograph about history of Croatian literature in Bosnia and Herzegovina.There is village Bosnjaci in Croatia (4,500 inhabitants prior to 1991, near Zupanja).I did not find any village of a similar name on a map of Bosnia.See also Vladimir Zerjavic: Muslim-Bosniaks did not secure the right of autochthony in Croatia.I recommend the interested reader to consult BEHAR, the journal of the Cultural society of Bosniaks (more precisely: Bosniaks - Muslims) in Zagreb called Preporod, for their views on these very sensitive questions, especially an article by Esad Cimic in No22-23, p.12-15, 1996.


  1. Bosniaks Bošnjaci; Total population; 3 million est. Regions with significant populations Bosnia and Herzegovina 1,769,592 United States 350,000 Germany 158,158 Serbia.

  2. Croats in Bosnia - Herzegovina, their history, culture and science

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