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Sex dating in paducah kentucky

He earned his master's degree in clinical psychology from Murray State University and is licensed as a psychological practitioner.Dayne treats child, adolescent, and adult clients using cognitive behavioral therapy techniques.I have provided services to children age 4 to 18, their families and adults.I always believe my clients lives and well-being will improve, this is my motivation and passion.I have been in private practice for the past 10 years but I have had a variety of experience prior to that including inpatient, residential facility, community mental health, and intensive outpatient.

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Early trauma can produce lifelong consequences that are treatable in the safety of the therapeutic relationship.I think there are basics to healthy living, such as: a good healthy diet, plenty of rest, exercise for strengthening your body as well as your mind. It is important to have adequate social skills to interact with peers and to communicate well, feeling understood and to relate to others.""Life is full of challenges.When those challenges become critical or interfere with your well-being, you can find yourself at a crossroad, unsure of what to do or where to go."Looking for innovative and creative ways to treat mental health disorders and substance abuse and addictions check me out!Over twenty years of experience specializing in substance abuse and addiction disorders, mood disorders, PTSD, panic attacks and anxiety.""Looking for innovative and creative ways to treat mental health disorders and substance abuse and addictions check me out!Each and every choice we make has a corresponding consequence.If you are ready to obtain the necessary skills that will enable you to be more Emotionally Healthy, despite what life may throw at you, then email me to set up a consultation or appointment.He has specialized training and experience working with victims of abuse, domestic violence, and other types of trauma.Dayne also provides treatment for depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, various phobias, panic disorder, grief, PTSD, relationship issues, ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder, adjustment disorders, and issues related to foster care placement and adoption.""Dayne is a native of Paducah, Kentucky and has been practicing locally for over fourteen years.""Stress, anxiety, and depression are issues many people face.These issues may be due to a current problem or situation.


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