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Clearly, this is just a female safety issue which (unfortunately and irritatingly) still has to be practised in today’s “community aware, but unable to comprehend nudity without sex” society. I suspect the availability of internet porn to teenagers, and its negativity towards women, has tainted many youngsters’ understanding of bare skin as a natural thing.

Clearly, living in the Northern Hemisphere we use clothing to keep warm most of the time – so what’s wrong with discarding it when it is warm?

The survey, undertaken by all community pharmacies in England, is called the Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire.If you are on your own, in my experience anyway, other women will warn you if there is someone shifty about and then after a brief chat, leave you to enjoy the beach.Often it is better to be near a family group than alone away from everybody.Culturally, African tribes and many other groups wear nothing, sometimes bark or animal skins and beads, even leaves for delicate areas that require protection.This is lauded as cultural heritage – does anyone remember Woad and the Ancient Britons? It seems far more provocative to wear a tiny bikini/thong thing and titillate rather than being totally unselfconscious about one’s own body. Their behaviour is unacceptable on a public beach – but then some people think nudity is – but is that again because it brings up the naughty idea of sex? I was irritated by some idiot peering through the marram grass at Holkham last year.There are adders in the dunes, so perhaps some intelligent person has put it all together and come up with the idea that naturism is evil?I think we should all look at how we view nakedness and how we discuss a natural state with our children, as we evidently haven’t done a very good job so far.Many sites set a maximum occupancy of 6/8 people per pitch, so try breaking your booking down into smaller groups to generate more results.For example, if you’re a group of 10, enter 5 people in your initial search and then book 2 pitches.Naturists tend to be friendly in a “how-do-you-do” way, but enjoy their own space and do not expect to get chatted up or ogled by someone (usually men I’m afraid) in a sexual sense.I take my sketch pad or watercolours and a picnic (sometimes the kids come along too) and enjoy the sensuality of the elements.


  1. Staithe Street, Wells-Next-The-Sea, Norfolk, NR23 1AG. in Norfolk.

  2. Wells Road, Warham, Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk, NR23 1NF. We are an 'Adult Only', pet-free site, open 365 days a year. Date, Pitch + All Occupants.

  3. Browse and compare 72 campsites & holiday parks in Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk from £6 for 1 night. Easy booking, no fees with immediate confirmation.

  4. Jul 3, 2013. For many years the western section of Holkham beach, near wells. “community aware, but unable to comprehend nudity without sex” society.

  5. Star Gold Award holiday home in North Norfolk, the Long House is a modern-day take on a traditional barn. Contact [email protected]

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