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Keep in mind that some of these symptoms are quite common (when experienced in a limited form) and may or may not represent an underlying psychological condition.

If you experience symptoms like these, consult with your doctor for clarification.

This free app also captures live video and can create GIFs, has collage options, and has plenty of fun stickers.

This slick free app— which currently has over 100 million users in 218 counties—pretty much does it all.

Remember that most people who have Pure-O OCD actually perform compulsions.

Luckily, technology given us some selfie editors and slimming apps.

The best selfie apps help us look like we’ve photographed ourselves always in the best lighting, blurs our imperfections, and can even slim our face the morning after a late night of partying.

The final result might appear a bit too airbrushed and doll-like for some, but your skin will never look smoother.

Another skin-perfecting app, Cream Cam—which is free—uses swipe functions to tweak imperfections like pimples, shine, flyaway hairs, uneven skin tone and shine.


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  2. Pure-O OCD Pure Obsessional OCD symptoms include obsessions & mental compulsions. IDs common obsessions by type & complex mental rituals.

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