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The IP address of your website should should be associated with your domain name.

If it is not the same, emails sent from the domain will be marked as spam sooner. When entering one of these adresses in your browser, they should both end up on the same URL.

But because measurement pixels contain no information, this is not a problem.

The title is the main text that describes the content of a page.

Flash is frequently used to add video or audio players, advertisement and interactive multimedia content to websites.

After that, the browser still has to create a page out of this and that also takes some time.

Remove all inline style declarations by applying CSS.

To optimize for search engines and to ensure short loading times, it is recommended that you restrict the number of images on the pages of your site.

However, the No Frames element can have a negative impact in search engine rankings. Never use i Frames unless you have a very good reason (such as advertisements or payment solutions).

Computers use a DNS (Domain Name System) to determine the IP address associated with a domain name. It is the determination of a domain name that is associated with an IP address.


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