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Shane mauss april macie dating

Years after that article ran, some of the clubs that were featured are no longer with us. In the first five or six years of the magazine, we recruited a gaggle of writers from among our standup colleagues.

And, shortly after hitting Facebook Status “Update” button, we would stop and say, “Hmmm… oh, well…” The longer form that we adopted is a form that suits us well, but it is rather time-consuming.

We’re currently writing this, together, in our hotel room at the Borgata in Atlantic City.) In a further evolution, we want to be able to write without looking a the clock or the calendar.

So we’re going to devote a good portion of our time (time that would have been devoted to posting on the magazine) to writing books.

And the vast majority of our writing has always been done as a collaboration– at the kitchen table or at a desk in a hotel room or in while waiting at departure area at the airport.

And it’s definitely not something that can be done over the phone!


  1. Shane Mauss, a self-described “gangle-puss” adj. a gangly snuggle-puss with a penchant for animal mating behavior and science facts and April Macie, a self-denied “angry feminist” Betty Freidan in a bikini met on a bus

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  3. Unlike some "alumni" groups that limit membership to college graduates, the San Francisco group also considers people who have "life experience."

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