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In the finale, Arbiter actually says that he loves Claire.

Claire doesn't return his feelings, but likes him as a friend and says that she would never forget him.

Despite Chief's constant insults towards Arbiter, he lets slip a few times that he doesn't hate him. " In Season 2, Arbiter and Cortana were acquainted, with Cortana not really paying much attention to Arbiter, and spending her time with Todd. When she disappeared after Wedding, Arbiter started to miss her, looking all over for her.

Chief told Arbiter he believed in him and at one point attempted to comfort Arbiter when he was crying in the bath tub at the end of Season 6. He gave up when Jon moved into a new apartment in Season 4.

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Though they consistently get at each other's throats, they can still manage to get along well and produce effective team work. As much of a pain in the ass as you were, why would she willingly part from who are quite possibly the only other talking toys in existence and run the risk of never engaging in conversation again?In Todd's final appearance in King (under the name, "Colbert Fan") he is quick to agree with Arbiter about showing tolerance in rivaling machinima groups as being equally entertaining.In Genesis, Arbiter mentions Todd and Travis lastly in wanting other company rather than Chief.Arbiter (and Chief) must constantly stay still to make sure Jon assumes they are just toys, otherwise they themselves would be in great danger.Arbiter does however respect all of Jon's belongings and personal items and constantly makes sure that Chief does not abuse any of it to make sure Jon is not suspicious. At first Arbiter was terrified of him due to his fear of spiders, but upon learning that Greg just wanted to "hang out" with him and Chief, Arbiter apologizes for his rude dismissal and offers Greg to stay with him and Chief.He asks her if she wants to play more often and maybe meet in real life, and she accepts.They end up going on a date in game, but Arbiter accidentally reveals that he isn't really Jon, and that there is a criminal in his house, which causes Claire to angrily leave him.Arbiter considers Greg to be the only true friend he ever had. But we can't accept that as an inevitability and use it as an excuse to act like shitheads. We have to build something better for ourselves" Arbiter originally wished the best for the engaged Trent, although he began to reconsider when Trent revealed he fired his company's writers purely because he hates storylines in video games.This was shown in Cheaters when he angrily beats up and knocks Master Chief out cold for driving off Greg, yelling that Greg was the only true friend he had, and now Chief had driven him off. After a second reunion with Claire, Arbiter was surprised to find that Claire was Trent's fiance, and the meeting started rocky, as Trent insults Arbiter for his voice and the belief that his life is sad and meaningless.However, thanks to Chief, Arbiter discovers that Trent is cheating on Claire, but was banned before he could tell Claire anything.Trent developed a grudge towards Arbiter for ruining his wedding, which he believed contributed to the end of his company, though it was obvious the game he released was rather bad.


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