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In essence it is a shared, trusted, public ledger that everyone can inspect, but which no one single user controls.” A more-complete outline of how blockchain operates and these survey respondents’ predictions about its future can be found in the discussion about Theme 4 later in this report.The majority of participants in this canvassing wrote detailed elaborations explaining their positions.Trust is the lifeblood of friendship and caregiving.When trust is absent, all kinds of societal woes unfold – including violence, social chaos and paralyzing risk-aversion.Some comments are lightly edited for style or due to length.About half the respondents to this canvassing believe that trust online will be strengthened in the next decade.As Vinton Cerf, one of the creators of internet protocols, put it: “We didn’t focus on how you could wreck this system intentionally.” (Cerf is a respondent to the question addressed in this report; his worried quote is featured here.) Moreover, the rise of the internet and social media has enabled entirely new kinds of relationships and communities in which trust must be negotiated with others whom users do not see, with faraway enterprises, under circumstances that are not wholly familiar, in a world exploding with information of uncertain provenance used by actors employing ever-proliferating strategies to capture users’ attention.In addition, the internet serves as a conduit for the public’s privacy to be compromised through surveillance and cyberattacks and additional techniques for them to fall victim to scams and bad actors. What role might the spread of blockchain systems play?

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For example: What would we say of a pilot who never trained in a simulator?Respondents collectively articulated six major themes that are introduced and explained below and are expanded upon in sections that begin later in this report.The following introductory section presents an overview of the themes found among the written responses, including a small selection of representative quotes supporting each point.They also like the idea that their credit cards are now protected.People who were sceptical of online learning a decade ago now live in an era when, in some programs, some online learning is required, and where there is no real distinction (and no way to distinguish) between an online or offline degree (and meanwhile, millions of people flood in to take MOOCs).Many experts say lack of trust will not be a barrier to increased public reliance on the internet.Those who are hopeful that trust will grow expect technical and regulatory change will combat users’ concerns about security and privacy.Their reasoning generally flows in two streams: 1) Some expect to see improved technology emerge that will allow people to have confidence in the organizations and individuals with whom they interact online.They argue that improvements in identifying and authenticating users will build trust.Trust has not been having a good run in recent years, and there is considerable concern that people’s uses of the internet are a major contributor to the problem.For starters, the internet was not designed with security protections or trust problems in mind.


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