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Sirius travel link not updating

The only reason I have it because I get it so cheap. So of course they offered a special low price for 6 months to get me to try it again.Now I just call a week before that 6 months is over and cancel. I've been stuck in bumper to bumper traffic that Sirius didn't even show, yet google did., can be pre-ordered at many online stores, including Amazon (at left).A big thank you to anyone who makes the purchase in advance, which provides vital proof to the publisher that the series will find a strong, dedicated audience.Apologies to readers who have come here looking for the teaching materials mentioned in that article: Recent deadlines have prevented me from getting those printouts on the site, but they are coming soon. My recent appearance at the Kezar Library in Romeo, Michigan, resulted in a nice little article in the local paper. Special thanks to the Four County Community Foundation for making the visit possible! runs a terrific blog called "Books & Other Thoughts" that is well worth a visit for anyone who loves to read (and think! Luckily for me she has reviewed all four Miki Falls books, and has some really great insights into the series.By all means check them out: Miki Falls: Spring, Miki Falls: Summer, Miki Falls: Autumn, and Miki Falls: Winter Thanks so much, Darla, for your support!Let's face it, I don't update this website every day: I wait until there's something big to announce.

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As soon as I get a precise on-sale date I'll let you all know.I am in Alberta, Canada and don't seem to get any Canadian Weather and the Fuel prices never seems to finish updating so it is no use to me.Are there any other users here that are in Canada and have subscribed to Sirius Travel Link? I'm in Fort Mc Murray and never used it when it was free and I never subscribed to it afterwards.I'll be back in the months ahead with sneak peek material unavailable anywhere else.In the meantime, do check out my You Tube and Deviant Art links above, as that's where a good deal of I can finally announce my latest project, a new graphic novel series from one of America's largest and most respected comics publishers, Dark Horse.The first book in the planned 6-book series is due in stores next summer.You can bet I'll be back with plenty of info about I was recently invited by Teacher Librarian magazine to write an article about using comics to teach writing in schools.The closest weather that I could get was in Montana.Traffic is of little use to me up here, but it could be useful when we travel down to Edmonton or Calgary.I have an inactive Sirius XM radio in my car or home and I'd like to purchase a subscription.Buy a Subscription I don't have a radio and I'd like to purchase a subscription to listen online.


  1. SIRIUS® Travel Link™ brings a wealth of information into your vehicle and right to your screen. • Your vehicle comes with a free introductory period Runningfor SIRIUS

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