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Much like the Renaissance period of art and music …

that music and art is still appreciated today." Sisqó may very well be a modern renaissance man, but recording technology changes so fast that it can make older songs sound a little dated — but not under Sisqó's watch.

Farid claimed she's not after his money and just wants her child to know his father (via In a bizarre move that could only happen in the age of the Internet, Sisqó got totally punk'd at fashion week in 2017.

Apparently, while the singer was busy enjoying the finer things in life (playing a gig in the Meatpacking District), a pretty convincing imposter was was livin' la vida loca by charming his way into exclusive fashion week parties and sitting front row.

In 2017, he reimagined his iconic backside anthem as an EDM song so an entirely new generation of middle schoolers can awkwardly grind on the dance floor.

The remix is slick and devoid of campy arrangements, which seems to suit an era where pre-teens are You Tube beauty experts, never suffering through a phase of cakey, orange foundation and over-plucked eyebrows.

"Thong Song" was an instant classic, and it will remain that way as long as people love butts.

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In one episode, housemates competed for the title of "Hunk of the House." Sisqó, who allegedly consumes just 1,200 calories a day to maintain his sleek physique, wasn't going to let someone else win.The pair split shortly after, and Sisqó fell into the arms of his good friend. Pham and Sisqó never married, but they've remained solid for well over a decade (and Sisqó's seemed to cool it on the crime).In fact, Pham still gushes over the "Thong Song" singer.Sisqó's manager Jeff Allen had a good laugh, however, asking the gossip rag what Barnes' manager looked like.Osmond revealed that the Sisqó spot came about last minute.And Sisqó knew it was going to be a massive hit before it was even recorded."I was thinking about that when I made it," he told the "That's why we use those classical strings in the beginning."After 10 years together, Sisqo and I are still best friends," Pham admitted in a 2013 blog post."Our relationship is based on love and trust and when he's not working we spend every minute together.The paper reports that Sisqó allegedly never mentioned using a condom to the young girl, who didn't reveal her actual age to the singer."'I couldn't believe it was happening to me," she told "[Dru Hill] were a huge band at the time and I loved the 'Thong Song.'" According to Farid, she finally got the chance to confront Sisqó about her child when she saw him at another Dru Hill show.


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