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Skype chatting with chennai girls and aunty

Go through the report, give general advice and other instructions and ask them to pay a visit every month.” Her chief doctor, under whom she was working as a junior doctor and also as the research analyst in cardiovascular system, handed over a bunch of papers to her. She read through the prescription for her patient and gave them general advice. I gathered my mobile and walked out of her room, waiting at the entrance. I am sorry.” She apologized and looked at me, waiting for me to go out. The medicines are given to ease the block in arteries. You are most welcome to the first wedding of the Chakravarthy family’s second generation.” He smiled at me, asking me to have my lunch there, which I respectfully denied. ‘Will I be really able to weave a story around these characters? “You and one of your cousins are here – The one who misplaced the chair. I remember your grandmother telling five.” I counted in my mind. “Your family is as interesting as you described.” I smiled at her. “You remember, they were talking about my Chithi Akhila?

“Appa he has gone for bathing.” I heard another voice, coming from a middle aged man. “Sit down child, make yourself comfortable.” Uma showed me the sofa, as she placed a plate full of snacks on the pristine coffee table that was place in front of the sofa. He was well disciplined, well-groomed and swift like a greased lightning. The following days might be very busy for us, with the rituals going around. “One more thing, “Mohan continued as if he remembered something.

Prologue: Chennai The entire house smelt of fresh jasmine. As I entered the house, I first saw an old lady, looking at a room. The middle aged woman from inside came out as she heard the introductions going on. “Using his laptop on the Dining table, eating in the bed, sleeping till 9 in the morning, when are these children going to learn some discipline? If you are going to demand discipline in everything, let me tell you, your grandchildren are going to hate you. Thanuja is the eldest daughter of the Chakravarthy family. It will take another twenty minutes for them to come.” Mohan held his mom’s hands and led her inside. From today onwards, sweets must be a part of every day’s lunch.

I tip toed carefully through the big Rangoli that was drawn at the entrance. I angled my head in the direction of the look and I found a divine puja room. For the next few days, this house is going to look beautiful even with imperfections.” Srimathi warned her husband. He sat on his rocking chair with a paper in his hand. “Yes, my Chithi(Aunt) Akhila.” Kirti replied as I sipped in the juice. ” Uma enquired about her sister-in-law to her husband. Kirti, Thanuja’s only daughter, the eldest granddaughter of the Chakravarthy’s is getting married in another fifteen days. Mohan took up the responsibilities of leading the wedding preparations and other negotiations with the Groom’s family from the front.

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