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Teens are especially attuned to this type of social curation: When it comes to teen friendships, fully 85% of teen social media users agree that social media allows people to show a side of themselves that they can’t show online.

At the same time, 77% agree that people are less authentic and real on social media than they are in real life.

Prevention strategies at this level promote attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that prevent violence.The ultimate goal is to stop violence before it begins.Prevention requires understanding the factors that influence violence.This approach is more likely to sustain prevention efforts over time than any single intervention.The first level identifies biological and personal history factors that increase the likelihood of becoming a victim or perpetrator of violence.So like I’ll think about it when we’re together, and then like afterwards I’ll probably text him like what I was feeling and tell him my problems.”“I think texting kind of makes you feel closer because – boys are more shy. my boyfriend, he doesn’t like to express himself like that.But when we text, it seems like it’s so much easier for him to talk to me.Other large societal factors include the health, economic, educational and social policies that help to maintain economic or social inequalities between groups in society. Many teens in relationships view social media as a place where they can feel more connected with the daily contours of their significant other’s life, share emotional connections and let their significant other know they care – although these sites can also lead to feelings of jealousy or uncertainty about the stability of one’s relationship.’ It just depends on the person.” As seen in our report on teen friendships, social media allows users to curate their online presence in a way that puts their best digital foot forward, or shows a different side of their personality than they can show offline.At the same time, this self-presentation can sometimes appear inauthentic or phony to others.


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