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It was reddish in color, upright on 2 feet running down the field beside the wood line I have talked to you about. No one else saw it and the family kind of chalked it up to her being nuts and seeing things.No one ever talked about it again until Bxxxx and I started keying in on things.” He restated he did not know what the chirping sound was.B & J are pillars in their community who live in rural Pennsylvania, and do not want their names known, and or residence location known!I came back into the house and told my wife what I had heard.I was grabbing flashlights and my high-powered rifle and I was going to make my way to the shed.The height was at my chest region, which is roughly 45 inches. I told Bxxxx what I found and he came over to where I was with the camera. One picture has my glove which measured 11 inches long. He also said something that sounded very large was making a ruckus in the area where the chirping sound came from.

By the time we got back to the house, it was around 6 PM. ” I heard nothing because I was engrossed in the show and I was sitting away from the windows where they could hear it. My husband went out on our patio and knock with our wood knockers 3 times. My husband is an avid hunter and fisherman of at least 35 years.Something was being thrown and bouncing off its tin roof, like something throwing our black walnuts.It was a sound that I would recognize because we have these types of trees around our home, but not near the building in question.I have heard noises of movement, but when I look in the direction of the sound, nothing is there. Our garden is about 1/4-1/2 of an acre, but all that is left standing are a few tomato and pepper plants. This area would be near a small creek that runs through the property.There are also 2 horse farms adjacent to our property. My husband does some of his deer hunting in this area.We shined the light in the area of the knocks, but nothing was seen. Some people we have told have told us some of their stories because they are believers, too. Bxxxx was headed out the door to the local grocery store at 6 PM. The sounds were very crisp sounding as if it were stones or ball bat sounding strikes. 5-10 seconds later I got a howl response from the swamp area. Bxxxx gave a knock with fire pit logs and got a response.I noted that the wood pile was knocked over into the yard (orchard area). Daylight was dimming and a snowstorm was occurring. Bxxxx was tarping fresh cement by throwing rocks on top of the tarp. pm, dark, cloudy, eerie silence, no wind or animal sounds. We continued to hear them and then we heard a howl in the midst of the coyotes. I gave a howl response and was responded back to with a howl.Something to keep on mind- the area in question is surrounded by active strip mining activity. I thought we should try knocking from seeing the television show.Windmills that were installed about 2-3 years ago are further out the state road about 4-5 miles.(J’s reports) At this point in time, we were familiar with the Animal Planet show, “Finding Bigfoot.” On this particular day, I was enjoying the warm evening (70’s) on our patio with my son. My husband was tending to one of our German-raised vegetable beds. To this day, I cannot believe we got such a great response! The creature moved through the woods like nothing was in its way.Upon the cleanup, we found a rather large rock in the middle of the toppled pile. I noted that one tree in the woods by the orchard was shaking profusely. He went out the door and returned back about 10 seconds later and said he saw something over by Dxx’s tree house in the orchard. He got a rock click response from creek bottom near his tree stand. Another howl could be heard about 30 seconds later in the same area.(If a person would hold their hands in a ball formation, hold your hands about 6 inches apart. His first reaction to the sight was that he was seeing things and he looked back that way again and it was gone. We were in the process of cutting a train through a section of the property for 4-wheelers for a few days.


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