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He was buried in Smallville Cemetery, adjacent to his family's farm.

Sometime later, Jonathan's spirit appeared to console Clark and even attended his wedding.

He believed that Kryptonians were evil and that Clark only escaped his "evil" nature because he was raised with human values.In Exile, Jonathan sees no other alternative to his problem and goes to speak with Jor-El, an artificial entity who resides in the Kawatche Caves' activation wall and is Clark's biological Kryptonian father and uses the Key to converse with him about retrieving his son Clark Kent, who has gotten infected with Red kryptonite and Jor-El obliges under the condition that Jonathan will return him when it is time for him to fulfill his Kryptonian calling and within their pact, Jor-El bestows Jonathan with temporary Kryptonian powers and abilities.Later on, in Metropolis, Clark as Kal under the influence of Red kryptonite, steals an item from a vault in Luthor Corp Plaza, as well as gets confronted by his father and Jonathan runs at him extremely fast and they fall out a window.Jonathan's spirit later reappeared at the Fortress of Solitude to present to Clark his Superman suit, reminding his son to never let go of Smallville.Jonathan Kent had an average look to his person, with dark blond hair and sky blue eyes: he sometimes would have stubble and other times he was clean shaven.Perry White once mistakenly wore Jonathan's jacket because he didn't know that it belonged to Jonathan and Clark also wore it once.Jonathan was close to his own father, but eventually chose to remain in Smallville because he knew that his father needed him to help run the farm.Jonathan met Martha Clark at Metropolis University.Martha asked Jonathan for some notes, even though she was the note-taker for the class.Jor-El selected or made Jonathan a Kryptonian vessel during their pact with one another about Clark Kent.Jor-El appeared to have "used" Jonathan and was connected with him in a much differently way than he was when he was "using" Lionel Luthor, as Lionel became a direct emissary and oracle for Jor-El wherein he would articulate Kryptonian texts and other writings whereas Jonathan was more of a mouth piece in which he would often hear Kryptonian frequencies and sounds.


  1. The University of Kent formerly the University of Kent at Canterbury, abbreviated as UKC, is a semi-collegiate public research university based in Kent.

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  3. Clark Kent born 1979 as Kal-El is the son of scientists Jor-El and Lara Van-El, the best friend of James Olsen and the boyfriend of Lois Lane. After.

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