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Sporting partners sports dating sport

1 Boris Onischenko The sword that scored on its own Boris Onischenko, an army officer from Ukraine, entered the 1976 Olympics in Montreal a respected modern pentathlete who had won a silver medal in Munich four years earlier.He exited the Games in disgrace, with banner headlines around the world denouncing him as 'Disonischenko' and 'Boris the Cheat'.Modern pentathlon is a five-discipline event that includes fencing, but Onischenko's épée was not the innocent weapon of competition it appeared.He had wired his sword so that he could trigger the eletronic scoring system with his hand and register a hit at will.Johnson raced at the next Olympics after serving a two-year suspension, but was banned for life in 1993 after he tested positive again.5 David Robertson Transgressing golf's code of self-regulation Golf prides itself on its culture of honesty and self-regulation, which makes the case of David Robertson, a former Scottish boys champion, all the more remarkable.The gamblers, including former boxing champion Abe Attell, promised 0,000 to eight Sox players, and the following year a Chicago grand jury convened to investigate the case.Some of the eight, including 'Shoeless' Joe Jackson, confessed to the jury.

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7 Sylvester Carmouche Jockey who ensured that punters didn't have the foggiest On a foggy afternoon, a real pea-souper, in January 1990, Sylvester Carmouche surprised punters at Louisana's Delta Downs Racetrack by finishing first on 23-1 long-shot Landing Officer. Carmouche had dropped out of the mile-long race while lost from view and then rejoined the field as they came round again before galloping to 'victory'. The fact that he won by 24 lengths and came within 1.2sec of the track record inevitably raised suspicions.

He continued with a replacement weapon, but soon afterwards news came through that he had been disqualified.

Stories that he was later banished to the Siberian salt mines were probably exaggerated.

The number was Johnson's, confirming the suspicions of one American trainer, who had noted before the race that the Canadian's eyes were yellow, the result, he said, of 'his liver working overtime processing steroids'.

Carl Lewis, Britain's Linford Christie and Calvin Smith were each promoted one place to fill the final medal positions as the disgraced Johnson, stripped of his gold, flew out of Seoul, feebly protesting his innocence.


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