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Stravinsky ballet dating from 1911

The New York City Opera dedicated last night's performance of "Don Rodrigo" to the composer.With Stravinsky at his bedside were his wife, Vera; his musical assistant and close friend, Robert Craft; Lillian Libman, his personal manager, and his nurse, Rita Christiansen. Craft, according to Miss Libman, was too shaken by the death to speak to callers, but wished it known that he had "lost the dearest friend he ever had." Mr.Stravinsky continued to be a fountain of wit and acidulously put wisdom.In an article in The New York Review of Books last February, he commented wryly on Leonard Bernstein's athletic podium style: "I have never seen him jump in ' Les Noces' and regretted missing his performance last fall." Igor Stravinsky: An ' Inventor of Music' Whose Works Created a Revolution During World I, Igor Stravinsky was asked by a guard at the French border to declare his profession. It was a typical Stravinsky remark: flat, self-assured, flagrantly antiromantic.Craft, who had been Arnold Schoenberg's secretary before that composer's death, went to work for Stravinsky in 1947.The composer had returned in August, "much refreshed," after a vacation of two and a half months at Evian, France, Miss Libman said, but had entered Lenox Hill Hospital here with pulmonary edema on March 18.In 1965 the American Musicological Society voted Stravinsky the composer born after 1870 who was most likely to be honored in the future.

Milena Marion of Los Angeles, and two sons, Soulima, a pianist and teacher who lives in Urbana, Ill., and Theodore, of Geneva. It was Diaghliev the Russian ballet impresario, who produced the first performance of "Le Sacre du Printemps" on May 29, 1913, thereby giving Stravinsky his chance to turn music upside down.

He once refused to compose a liturgical ballet for his earliest patron, Serge Diaghliev, "both because I disapproved of the idea of presenting the mass as a ballet spectacle and because Diaghliev wanted me to compose it and ' Les Noces' for the same price." His Charles Eliot Norton lectures at Harvard in 1939-40 were dignified papers, delivered in French, on the high seriousness of the artist's calling.

Three years later he wrote a polka for an elephant in the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

He arrived soon thereafter and ruled the cause as heart failure.

Since 1967, Stravinsky had suffered several arterial strokes, Miss Libman said, and had been in and out of hospitals since then. Burial in Venice In accordance with Stravinsky's wish, burial will be in Venice, in the Russian corner of the cemetery of San Michele.


  1. Petrushka, ballet burlesque in 4 scenes for orchestra 1911 version. Like the other two masterworks of Igor Stravinsky's early career, The Firebird and The.

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