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Return abuse — excessive violation of a retailer’s return policies — is often viewed subjectively.No one wants to deter a good shopper, but at some point a person’s returns overwhelm the value of his/her purchases and send that customer into a negative margin situation. Shoplifting with a receipt: Many thieves will shoplift with intent to return for full retail price.Activities including: Safari, River cruise, Sea and Dune excursions and others are available in addition to corporate packages and conference facilities.Feel free to go into our page of activities to have a look at the large range of activities our surroundings can offer you while you stay with us.

In fact, even the best POS systems with centralized receipt databases are vulnerable to improper use of receipts that appear legitimate.

The lodge is easily accessible and is situated only at 1 km off the N2.

With us you are not far from civilization while being only 2km from the southern gate of Addo Elephant Park, the third largest wild life reservation in South Africa.

Here are nine ways consumers cheat with a seemingly valid receipt that retailers need to watch out for this holiday shopping season: 1.

Renting/Wardrobing: Buying merchandise for short-term use with intent to return, such as video cameras for weddings, big-screen TVs for a Super Bowl game, or a dress for a special occasion is a form of fraud.


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