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You can also do this for data you wish to duplicate (same tag location, etc.); however, if any cells contain numbers it might be better to select the cells to be duplicated, select COPY and then select all of the cells you want the data copied into and select PASTE.

If you encounter any problems with these files please let us know! Tag selection - The purpose of the tagging is to associate the location of capture with the point of recovery for each butterfly.

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The Clerk's Office is also responsible for maintaining the County Commission minutes for all County Commission meetings.

Keepers must replace any tags that have been lost, or that cannot be read, with 28 days of discovery and before the animal leaves their holding.

Ear tags should be ordered in advance of them being needed, and sufficient stock of tags should be maintained on the holding, this should include a stock of red replacement tag sets.

In Excel, simply type in the first tag code, click on the cell to select it, then use the "handle" in the bottom right hand corner of the selection (the cursor will turn into a plus sign to signify autofill) to drag it down as many rows as you need.

Flock and Herd Registers, Movement Documents and CPR Documentation must be retained for at least 3 years.

It is important that ear tagging is carried out correctly to ensure the welfare of your animals.

The data from these recaptures are used to determine the pathways taken by migrating monarchs, the influence of weather on the migration, the survival rate of the monarchs, etc.

Each tagged butterfly must have a tag code (three letters and three numbers) for this system to work.


  1. Available Online Services · Title and Registration Forms. Marriage Records. The County Clerk has marriage records dating from 1823 to the current year.

  2. Goats must be identified with two conventional tags with matching numbers. An accurate up-to-date flock register must be maintained by recording births.

  3. Most of the recoveries are reported with information on the location, date and. You can order tags via the Monarch Watch Shop online, by phone at.

  4. Jul 23, 2014. How do you add default tags and descriptions to your YouTube. storytellers, brands, and retailers gather to get serious about online video.

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