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Imagine being able to know exactly how an art print or new couch looks in your apartment, and not just by the measurement numbers, but with a virtual representation of the finished scene.Until there's more devices out there with Tango tech — and thats not happening until next year, at least — this all feels very much like an experimental test phase for AR. That's both because Pokémon Go proved there's an appetite for these type of mobile experiences, and Google is convinced it's only a matter of time before every phone makes the jump to 3D mapping., augmented reality might have stayed another forlorn futurist technology the public paid little attention to.Instead, the AR mobile game from developer Niantic Labs, a former Google subsidiary, catapulted the technology to hundreds of millions of smartphone owners around the world.Lee thinks of Tango’s technology much like GPS, which transformed the utility of mobile phones and, years later, helped give birth to services like Uber.If AR is equally transformative in letting our devices understand physical spaces and "see" the world, it could help reshape entire industries, from gaming to retail to real estate. The Tango team wants to create a middle ground for both hardware and software, and it thinks the Phab 2 Pro is the place to start.By next year, Lee says there will be more devices — and not just Lenovo’s — containing the necessary hardware to 3D map our surroundings. At 0, it’s cheaper than an i Phone or Google’s Pixel.Yet with a 6.4-inch display, the Phab 2 Pro can hardly be held with one hand. No amount of nifty AR tech will sell people a phone that’s cumbersome to use for even the most basic of tasks. Google and Lenovo both understand that the Phab 2 Pro will act as more of a proof of concept than a device designed to sell millions of units. Its large display and powerful camera allows you to view huge swaths of a room with virtual objects overlaid over the scenery.

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This way, the scene can play out on the screen without any interference.It’s clear AR succeeds at getting users to stand up and get mobile, and I found myself walking in circles to inspect other parts of a virtual scene and even crouching down to try and get eye level with some objects and architecture.Of the 35 or so Tango apps now available, a small handful have practical business purposes.The games are neat, and also a little gimmicky, but the technology is certainly there.It’s remarkable to see entire 3D worlds play out in the camera viewfinder, and many of the Tango games force you to get up and move around as much as possible.Come as absolute beginners, or to sharpen the moves you have already learned.This special class for couples makes a perfect date for you and your special someone.Many of them revolve around mobile gaming, using the Phab 2 Pro’s extra sensors and camera capabilities to turn living rooms into virtual play spaces.Down the line, Google wants to put Tango technology into many more phones and to expand how we think of AR. It’s just a very niche device that’s impractical for a vast majority of smartphone owners.We guarantee by the end of the class you will be dancing.Let tango bring some romance and spice to your date night! Refund Policy* Same day cancellation: No refund * 24 hours notice: 50% refund * 48 hours notice: 70% refund * 100% refund for all other cancellation requests For all the cancellation requests: we offer the possibility to reschedule their appointment at no charge Both classes are both for beginners.


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  2. Nov 1, 2016. If it weren't for Pokémon Go, augmented reality might have stayed another forlorn futurist technology the public paid little attention to. Instead.

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