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Texas grievance conflict of interest dating party

The term conflict of interest is often used in connection with an elected public official or judge.This is because people in positions of power are more likely to face such charges at some point in their careers.

Employees who engage in personal relationships (including romantic and sexual relationships) should be aware of their professional responsibilities and will be responsible for assuring that the relationship does not raise concerns about favoritism, bias, ethics and conflict of interest.Because there are some legal gray areas surrounding conflict of interest, it often falls on the official or executive to recognize potential problems before they interfere with his or her duties.When Dick Cheney was elected Vice President in 2000, for example, he first had to resign from his own company, Halliburton.In any case, when employees are unsure about a potential conflict, they should fully disclose the circumstances in writing to their supervisor.If one family member has influence over another family member's conditions of employment, the following should occur: In collaboration with the supervisor, the involved employees will be provided thirty days to make a decision regarding a change.There would be an obvious conflict because the councilman's own family would benefit financially from his position of power.Definitions of this term are often spelled out in contracts or employee manuals.A conflict of interest may arise, for example, if a city councilman awards a lucrative contract to a company owned by his brother.It would not be illegal to award such a contract to the best qualified company, even if that company were indeed owned by a relative, but the councilman himself could not be part of the decision making process.Employees may bring children to appropriate University-sponsored programs and activities.Supervisors may approve non-routine visits that do not interfere with an employee's ability to perform his/her work functions or the productivity of a work unit.


  1. Principles for handling disciplinary and grievance situations in the workplace. The third party need not come from outside the organisation

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