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The infrared wireless port when updating a dating sites in germany slovakia peru

Infrared technology is license free and in use worldwide.Infrared does not interfere nor is it disturbed by other radiofrequency devices.Firmware is embedded software in each device that controls its functionality.Periodically, new versions of firmware are developed to incorporate additional features and enhancements.Note: See Updating Portable section for Shure devices that don't connect directly to a computer, such as a wireless handheld transmitter.

Tip: Hover over a device's Device ID to view its IP address, and right-click to copy it.

For best results, ensure the same firmware version is uploaded to all components of the system.

Displays all Shure devices by model that are networked to the computer.

Portable Shure devices, such as some handheld transmitters, update firmware over an IR sync with a networked device.

The networked device hosts the firmware package for the portable device belonging to its model family.


  1. How do you update firmware on the Shure QLX-D wireless equipment. Updated firmware is passed from the receiver to the transmitter using the IR Sync port.

  2. Retailers are looking for an automated price update system that's fast, reliable. of electronic devices have an infrared port to support wireless connections, such.

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