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But Finn wants you to break that habit, and start taking the time to turn yourself on first."Foreplay isn’t just for partner play," she says.

Your body needs to warm up, and taking the time to touch yourself elsewhere will actually make it feel so much better when you do get to the clit.

Asia is one of the largest websites introducing Asian women dating foreign men."Whether you fantasize about a romantic afternoon in a sunny field or a rough encounter with four strangers, allow your mind to wander into unchartered territory," she says. But did you know that it's actually much larger than it appears?The little nub, or "button," on the top of your vulva is just the tip of the iceberg, Finn says.The whole clitoris is shaped like a wishbone, and most of it is actually internal.What that means for your solo sex life is that you should probably get a little more adventurous.And, for some people, the pressure to finish can put up a mental road block that'll make an orgasm pretty much impossible anyway.So instead of worrying about whether you will or won't come, focus on how good touching yourself feels. There's a tendency for women who have vulvas to immediately try stimulating their clitoris when masturbating."Masturbation is an opportunity to get to know your body without any pressure to please someone else, or to worry about what you look like or sound like." It's a chance to really explore what you like, without any restrictions.Which is why we've talked to experts like Finn and Jessica O’Reilly, Ph D, host of the @Sex With Dr Jess podcast, for all the masturbation tips women (that includes transgender women) should know.Keep in mind that even expert advice won't work for everyone, though, because you're the only expert on your own body. O'Reilly says to use this advice as inspiration to try new things. As a sex educator for Babeland, Finn is often telling people not to masturbate like they have to accomplish something.(The same could be said of partnered sex, btw.) You don't have to have an orgasm for any type of sex, even masturbation, to be successful.


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