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The kids become friends and enemies, fall in and out of love, and go through an endless series of crises as this small group somehow becomes personally involved in every newsworthy social issue from alcoholism to South African apartheid to pregnancy to AIDS.

In 2016, Gabrielle Carteris became president of SAG-AFTRA (the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists).

See more » Well, growing up during 90210's run, I missed out on all the hype that this show received.

Now, thanks to Soap Net, I can watch shows that were on while I was busy playing dress-up.

But as she did it I was struck by the fact it was a new experience for me. It’s even used as a symbol for kink in the mainstream.I normally would have put on Angel, but it was an episode I didn't care to watch, so I stopped on Soap Net and low and behold, 90210 was on.Immediately I went for the remote to change the channel but then I stopped and actually watched it. Mostly what hooked me was the romance between Dylan and Brenda.In my recent trip to San Francisco Domina Yuki used a leash on my collar to lead me around.It wasn’t a big part of the scene or in response to a request I’d made.Let me be the first to say, that I never ever thought that I would EVER watch 90210, or get hooked on it.During a few weeks that I was grounded from my computer, I didn't have anything to do after I did my homework at 5 o'clock, so I turned on the TV.Compare Same Face, Different Name, where the creator hides the fact that he's doing something different under a new name, and Advertising by Association, where the creator's portfolio is used to hype the work.One of the things I love about kink is the infinite variety of possibilities it offers." These are examples of well-known works (not obscure experiments) of creators that are so far out of their perceived niche that often times people don't immediately realize the person behind it.Related to Playing Against Type, I Am Not Spock, Genre Adultery and WTH, Casting Agency?


  1. Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis has spent the night in jail after being arrested on charges of assault. Francis, 41, was arrested Friday evening at an office building on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles after he was involved in 'pushing and shoving'.

  2. Follows the scandalous lives of a group of four girlfriends, each on her own path to self-discovery as they brave the turbulent journey together.

  3. Continuing the theme of eye contact, here’s a great image from the movie From Dusk Till Dawn. This is George Clooney and Salma Hayek. I’ve written about Tarantino’s foot fetish in the past, and when watching his movies it’s pretty clear he has a

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