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Today, there are almost 500 FTA channels in Turksat. Some of these channels are local, some of them are poor video quality.Coming back to the consequences, this disproportionate balance between the alternative mediums (terrestrial, satellite, cable, IP) resulted in almost to chance for Digital Terrestrial adaptation in the market which is already too much delayed.This is simply the ratio of households with Pay-TV subscription.There are certainly homes with OTT services only such as Netflix, Apple TV etc.The government failed to regulate the licenses and broadcasters with the political power or financial strength managed to build their own towers and broadcast their live TV channels.Considering cable space, this medium has been and still is under control of Turksat -a state-owned company- for many years and they’ve lacked to make the right level of investment to expand their footprint.

The main business model for the broadcasters was to have a free-to-air channel on air, to have the possibility to reach millions of people and try to get any possible level of rating and get the interest from advertisers.

Past week he’d asked me to make an e-interview and came up with a number of questions.

Following that I wrote down my personal view in return and Ozgur then published it in his blog.

The majority of the programs during daytime is either about matching man and woman willing to marry or Big brother type of programs with a lot of aggression.

I think digital terrestrial television is dead at birth.


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