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Updating bold os

This redesigned operating system includes a new intuitive design, enhanced web browsing experience, universal search, social feeds and an engaging multimedia experience.Customers can connect their phone to their PC and go to Installing the Upgrade Verizon is giving its customers with the Bold 9650 or Curve 3G a choice in how to upgrade their smartphone.They can connect their phone to their PC and go to blackberry.com/updates.Unfortunately, there are some problems with the standard version of the update, so Black Berry Bold 9930 are recommended to download and install the multi-language variant of OS from RIM’s servers.Although the Big Red already published the official changelog of this update, Black Berry Bold 9930 users report that some of these improvements or new features have been available since previous updates were rolled out.

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Verizon has released major operating system upgrades for two of its smartphones from RIM.

Customers can also install the upgrade using the Black Berry Desktop Manager software. Even if Verizon is about a month behind their biggest CDMA competitor when it comes to the Black Berry 6 upgrade, I'm sure the owners of those handsets are just excited to finally be upgraded to the latest version of RIM's OS.

Bold 9650 and Curve 3G owners, be sure to come back and let us know when you install the update. Black Berry 6 will be available for Black Berry Bold 9650 and Black Berry Curve 3G customers for Verizon Wireless today by 8pm EST.

Users of the business-oriented Black Berry Bold 9650 or the consumer-friendly Black Berry Curve 3G can now install Black Berry OS 6.0. What’s new in Black Berry OS 6.0This new version brings very significant changes, making devices running it more competitive with Apple’s i Phone and smartphones running Google’s Android OS.

This new OS version debuted last summer on the Black Berry Torch, but these two Verizon models are the first in the U. The changes include the faster, much enhanced web browser, an updated user interface with several of the standard applications redesigned, a tool that allows users to search everything at once (even inside applications), and a built-in You Tube app.


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