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Updating electrical wiring

Some jobs definitely offer better prospects than others.

Training to become an electrician – or more properly an electrical contractor, as you may see it described – is one of the more promising career paths you could take.

Wire colors may vary as supplied by the manufacturer.

Partnumber: 2479 Datsun Roadster Gear Reduction Starter New Solenoid Replacement solenoid for gear reduction starter.

How to use this website Frequently Asked Questions Why Buy From Datsun Parts? Overshadowing even the U20 starter with superior torque, this unit also features a Bendix gear that pops out, engages the ring gear before it starts turning, thus saving the ring gear teeth from eventual wear.

It is important to ensure you get properly accredited training and one of the best places to go for advice on training facilities that are accredited is the Electrical Contractors Association of South Africa. There are different categories of electrical contractor – the general electrical contractor and those that work in construction, engineering and mining.

You will generally learn through an apprenticeship that allows you to learn all the theory while practicing in a real life situation.

Nissan/OEM/After Market Differences Engineering Ordering, Shipping, Returns, Policies Warranty Return Policy Returns / Important Parts Purchasing Department Mission Statement Customer / Manufacturer Quotes about Datsun Parts Limits of Liability Statement Important Read Charitable Giving Gallery of Fine Cars SP/SR Owners Club Importer Cars For Sale Recommended Installers Lifetime Warranty Special Order Items From Japan Sale Items New Products Coming Soon Consignment Parts New Old Stock Parts Monthly Specials Axle Seals Body parts Books / Literature Brakes Brakes 1500 Brake Kits & Packages Cables Carburator R16 Carburator U20 Carburator Kits & Packages Carburator Mikuni Solex Clutch Cooling Cylinder Head G15/R16 Cylinder Head U20 Dash Differential Electrical Electrical Firing Electrical Switches Electrical Other Emblems Engine 1500/1600 Engine 2000 Engine Timing Components 2000 Engine external Engine Kits & Packages Engine Room Decals & Stickers Engine Seals Exhaust Exterior Trim Fuel Systems Front Axle Gaskets Gaskets Carburator Gaskets Engine Gaskets Transmission Differential Glass Handles & Latches Heater Interior Interior Trim Z Car Interior Fairlady 310 Interior Interior Kits & Packages Lamps & Lights Locks Knobs Mirrors Rear Axle Rubber Parts Rubber Kits & Packages Soft Tops Steering Steering Kits & Packages Suspension Suspension Kits & Packages Transmission 4 Speed Transmission 5 Speed Transmission Kits & Packages Transmission Seals Used Parts Wheels Weatherstripping Weatherstrip Kits & Packages Wiper & Washer Material & Carpet Swatches Partnumber: 1202 Datsun New Mitsubishi Gear Reduction Starter - CORRECT LENGTH Planetary/Gear Reduction High Torque Replacement Starter Brand New Planetary/Gear Reduction Starter for all 1600's and 2000's. In addition, this unit is fully sealed and enclosed not vulnerable to rear main seal oil spun up on the back side of the flywheel which in un-sealed antique open snout designs, like the 16, usually results in the starter filling up with oil leading to poor electrical contact and brush breakdown.

We have always opt for the shorter version, OVERALL LENGTH 7 1/4 to 3/8 INCHES, for the obvious clearance issues and OURS work with our headers and also AC Industries headers. We were the very first vendor, without question, to offer this starter.


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