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Updating ios on cisco 1900 switch

what is result of "show ntp status" from the switch console?I manually set the clock (just off from the actual time) - no change.

If you so desired, you could use “debug ntp events” to watch the communications and see what is happening.

Our security policy, however, dictates (hypothetically, of course) that NTP traffic between hosts inside our network must be authenticated.

(For additional security, we would use authentication for requests between R1 and the external NTP server as well.) It is important to note that configuring authentication doesn’t clients to use authentication — it merely enables them to do so.

R1# configure terminal Enter configuration commands, one per line. R1(config)# ntp server nist.Translating "nist.netservicesgroup.com"...domain server ( [OK] R1(config)# That’s about all there is to it, from the client side.

Note that if you do not have DNS configured on your devices, you’ll need to use IP addresses instead of fully qualified domain names (above).


  1. The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. Cisco IOS devices can be configured to act as all of the above and even in combinations of two or three of roles.

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