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Updating openwrt

Even when lower cost Broadcom-based dual-band AC3100/AC3150 class routers like ASUS' RT-AC88U and RT-AC3100 started shipping a few months later, working MU-MIMO firmware was still MIA.

And when we finally tested a Broadcom MU-MIMO router with allegedly working MU-MIMO firmware in the form of TP-Link's Archer C3150 in August 2016, we found MU-MIMO performance so poor, that it was essentially non-functional.

Routers like Linksys' EA8500 and NETGEAR's R7800 Nighthawk X4s actually had working MU-MIMO when they shipped.

But as we found in our test of six MU-MIMO enabled routers a little over a year ago, there was a big difference in total throughput gain, which is the whole point of MU-MIMO.

Here are two S7's connected to the R7800 with MU-MIMO off... Average total throughput drops from 624 Mbps to 513 Mbps, a loss of about 18%.

Other manufacturers like TP-Link have created a new model version like the Archer C3150 V2 and even created a new FCC ID.The other problem working against MU-MIMO as a useful Wi-Fi technology is that devices support it have been slow to come to market, particularly in the U. But if you're an i Phone fan, Apple has yet to support MU-MIMO, and perhaps never will, at least until they settle their kerfuffle with Qualcomm.Tablets supporting MU-MIMO also still aren't that common.This happens with both Qualcomm and Broadcom-based routers; the problem is on the client side.I was able to get my hands on a pair of Google Pixels and a pair of Samsung Galaxy S7s to test this.It turns out that Broadcom's problems were not all in firmware, however.I learned late last year that some manufacturers have quietly been phasing a BCM4366 C0 version of Broadcom's 4x4 radio So C into production without any visible model number or version change to products.Some of these still await firmware upgrades to enable MU-MIMO.AC2600 class routers with Qualcomm's 4x4 radio were next to market in mid-2015.It's interesting that TP-Link's Class II Change letter refers to the previous BCM4366 B1 as "SU-MIMO". phones to support MU-MIMO were Google Nexus and Samsung's Galaxy S6.The takeaway here is that even if you load new firmware onto your AC3100/3150/5300/5400 router, it's unlikely you'll get decent MU-MIMO performance. Both Google and Samsung continue to include MU-MIMO in their phones including 2x2 MU-MIMO in Google's Pixel and Samsung's Galaxy S7/S7 Edge.


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  5. Regular readers know I call MU-MIMO "the 3DTV of Wi-Fi" because it provides no practical benefit for most consumers. Yet manufacturers insist on churning.

  6. Keeping your network and devices secure means keeping your passwords secure. Occasionally you might find the need to update the password on your LEDE/OpenWRT

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