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Cardholders spent the most on food and drink (£114 billion), followed by other services (£100 billion), financial services (£80 billion) and entertainment (£57 billion).

In 2016 the total number of payment cards in use remained virtually unchanged at 164 million.Market Trends Despite underlying headwinds in the economy - slowdown in economic growth, rising inflation and deteriorating consumer confidence - payment card transactions continued to grow strongly in Q3 of 2017.During the quarter cardholders made 95 million more purchases than in Q2, with spending up by £2.4 billion over the same period.In contrast, the ATM-only card portfolio has halved to 11 million, mainly driven by the closure of dormant accounts and upgrades to debit cards.Around 32 million adults (60% of the population) have a credit card.Inflation and Economics The annual growth rate of consumer credit slowed to 9.1% in November 2017, the lowest rate since December 2015.This fall partly reflects a particularly strong flow in November 2016 falling out of the annual growth rate.This decrease, in part, highlights that sterling's purchasing power abroad has weakened considerably since the Brexit vote.The average monthly spend per card outside the UK increase by 0.8% to £32 during October 2017.Black Friday sales In November 2017, UK retail sales increased by 0.6% on a like-for-like basis from November 2016, when they had increased 0.6% from the preceding year.On a total basis, sales rose 1.5% in November, against a growth of 1.3% in November 2016.


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