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And don't forget to add the time to obtain a skills assessment to these visa processing times (allow 3 months) if you want an indication of the overall processing time from the start of the decision to apply for a skilled visa through to the grant of your visa.Business Skills visa applications submitted to the new Business Skills Processing Centre in Perth should be processed in about 6 months.

Perhaps inevitably we therefore recommend that you engage a Registered Migration Agent if you are intending to use an Agent to assist with your visa application - details of all Registered Agents are available at the website of the overseeing body, the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

This organism will give you a Migration Skills Assessment so that later you can apply for the visa.

There are different authorities in charge of evaluating qualifications depending on each profession.

In short, unless your application is for a Prospective Marriage, Spouse, Child, or Retirement visa we do not recommend submitting the results of your medical examination(s) until the Department of Immigration asks for them.

We say this because medicals have a limited validity of 12 months and therefore if you submit them with a visa application that is likely to take 12 months to process you will almost certainly have to incur additional costs obtaining them again.


  1. Hi Guys, I like to share my Visa Validation trip to Sydney especially for people havn't visited Australia before. As I have to vailded my 175 PR.

  2. Knowing if validating my studies in Australia is possible and in what cases it is. in the List of professions required for the Sponsored Visa or in the Skilled Visa.

  3. You can use Visa Entitlement Verification Online VEVO for free to check your. How will Australian organisations know I have been issued a visa if I do not.

  4. Apr 17, 2005. Australia - Australian immigration FAQs/Visa Validation/457 info - A very commonly asked question. How long to validate your visa?

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