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Validating identity xp

This means that once our client signs in, they will start using these locked down port ranges and it does not require any Group Policy Object to be created (at least not for locking down ports) and pushed down to your clients.The following commands are where we finally choose the amount of ports and at what port each modality starts.

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I have a previous article series on enabling Qo S for Lync 2010 here.Lync has been designed to work without Qo S but Lync Administrators can choose to enable both Lync endpoints as well as servers to mark Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) values on audio and video packets.This ensures that audio/video packets get prioritized on a network that is enabled for Differentiated Services (Diff Serv).Keep in mind that this article is only for the ability to enable QOS, it is not a comprehensive guide on all the various dynamic ports available in Lync to lock down your firewalls. Second of all, the question may arise, why and when would you want to enable Qo S?Audio and Video are synchronize traffic that can be affected by jitter, delay, and packet loss on an IP Network.To better understand Diff Serv and its affect on the network, please check out the excellent blog article written by fellow Lync MVP Jeff Schertz at the following URL: So, let’s dive into my version of how to enable Qo S. Part 1 Part 2 In order to successfully deploy Qo S, it helps if you have a table with all the various information needed.Lync 2013 allows legacy Lync 2010 clients to connect to Lync 2013.The commands are: Note: -Client Media Port Range is used for Office Communicator 2007 R2 Clients.The reason why this uses 40 is because this setting includes all modalities as Office Communicator 2007 R2 did not split apart each modality into their own separate switches.You can see Lync Server 2013 client inoperability support here. In Part 2, we’ll add File Transfers, Application Sharing, and SIP to this list just in case you want to provide a more robust Qo S configuration to your environment that extends to more than just Audio/Video. Windows XP uses separate QOS Group Policy Options that do not allow you to restrict the DSCP values at the application level.Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 utilize Policy based QOS. This means that all applications that utilize the Audio/Video ports we configure for Audio/Video will get DSCP markings stamped.


  1. Describe state management in State management is a technique to manage a state of an object on different request. The HTTP protocol is the fundamental protocol of the World Wide Web.

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  3. Are you receiving an endless "Validating Identity" connection status when trying to connect to a wireless network. In a few simple steps you can bypass Windows.

  4. Client QOS Windows Vista/7/8 versus Windows XP. Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 utilize Policy based QOS. Policy based QOS has the benefit that you can restrict the QoS application at the application level.

  5. Windows XP improves image preview by offering a Filmstrip view which shows images in a single horizontal row and a large preview of the currently selected.

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